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Scoring Overview: Targets
Targets in our match consist of standard IPSC/USPSA paper targets, reactive targets (such as poppers), and non-reactive steel targets. Shoot throughs count for score or penalty.
Target Type
Required Hits
Two hits per target on any scoring zone unless otherwise specified.
Reactive Targets
Reactive targets must fall, be activated, or be ruled activated by the RO.
Non-reactive Steel Targets
Specified number of hits. ROs will call all hits on non-reactive steel.

Scoring Overview: Penalties
Our match uses time plus scoring with the following penalties. Stage scores are determined by the sum of time and penalties for each stage. Overall match scores are the sum of all individual stage scores.
Value (s)
A Zone
Hit to any A zone on a paper target.
B Zone
Hit to the B zone on a paper target.
C Zone
Hit to the C zone on a paper target.
D Zone
Hit to the D zone on a paper target.
Assessed per insufficient hit on all targets.
Failure to Neutralize (FTN)
Failure to place at least one scoring hit on any target, assessed in addition to miss penalties.
No Shoot
Assessed per hit on a designated no shoot target
Leaving Shooting Area
Leaving a shooting area and reentering at another location in order to reduce time or gain a competitive advantage. This penalty does not apply to movement between isolated shooting areas or movement specifically allowed in the written stage briefing.
Enhanced Miss Penalty
Enhanced miss penalties are specified in the written stage briefing for specific targets. These penalties are typically applied to long range or particularly challenging targets to deter deliberate avoidance.

Additional details are available in our rulebook.

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